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Our programmes are based on the British curriculum following the Early Years Foundation Stage. We aim to provide your children with a stimulating environment in which they can play, explore and learn. Our curriculum is tailored to the diverse needs of our multicultural society.
The Pre Schools follow a balance of “Humanist” and “Constructivist “pedagogies. The most important goal of our curriculum is to help children become independent, self – confident and inquisitive learners, rather than focus on Rote learning only; creative learning based on LSRW is the classroom pattern.
We also look at the holistic development of the child, so value based teaching is an integral part of our curriculum. Value education is not only the core of education but an important tool to create holistic education. We all know that values are always “better caught than taught,” but to create that environment, we need to inculcate the thoughts to make it possible. Value cannot be forced until the learner is willing to learn on his own, this is the proper time when brain is ready to accept any type of learning, so in Pre School we need to implement discipline, harmony, tolerance simultaneously in curriculum as well as among educator’s behavior. This will groom our next generation towards an excellent citizen.

Personal, social and emotional development – Social skills are developed through play, dramatization, sharing and interaction with adults. Environments that encourage co-operative play, self management are provided in our classrooms. Emotional intelligence is fostered as children learn how to manage their feelings.

Physical development – Fine motor skills are developed through buttoning, beading, thread & loop, zipping, play dough, arts, crafts, dance and games. Indoor and outdoor play will be used to develop gross motor skills. Personal care, hygiene and healthy eating will be encouraged to give our learners independence and keep them fit and well.

Communication and language – Through story-telling, story book reading, rhymes, role play, reading box and conversations with learners we will develop their listening skills. Through singing and speaking children will develop the ability to pronounce words correctly and form sentences. We will encourage learners to talk about what happened in a favourite book to foster confidence in speaking and comprehension skills.

Understanding the world – Through sensory play, regular educational field trips, nature walks, trips and classroom activities learners will develop their understanding of the world around them. They will learn about families and other cultures, living creatures and human technology.

Expressive arts and design – lots of art, music and craft activities will be provided to develop creative skills in our learners. Small world play and puppet shows will expand the imagination of early learners and develop their social skills.

Mathematics –Through building blocks, sequencing, grouping, puzzles, patterns, and comparing, matching, games, songs and activities learners will be able to count to 10 and beyond. They will learn about quantities, sizes and shapes to give them the foundations they need for school.

Literacy – Phonics will be used to develop early reading and language skills. Learners will begin to recognize the letters of the alphabet through crafts and games. Teachers will read to children often and learners will begin to show their understanding of stories that they hear. Pen holding and early writing skills will be developed so that children are ready to begin school.

Circle Time: This is the time when every one involved at the same time, on one platform,they will learn to be a part of group & meaning of turn taking, listening others. That helps to make a peer group together, also each students get a scope to share or contribute own thoughts and idea with teachers,whom they admired the most at this age.

Skill Time: Helps to develop LSRW skill of a child & to follow the instructions in the classroom under a skilled person.Building the numeracy skill,language skill, musical skill,normal pattern of development,offer learning experiences in variety of groups.

The outcome we strive for is A HAPPY, CONFIDENT, SOCIAL CHILD.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Meritorious ELC! We treasure each and every unique child that comes into our care. We treat children with love and respect as they learn and grow with us. We create a safe and friendly environment where children's imagination and creativity can flourish.

Kind regards,
The Team at Meritorious ELC

Parents Coaching School

Our Parents Coaching School offers you the opportunity to discover all the hidden gifts to mature both parents and children through family interaction.

The seminars and workshops of Meritorious Education Network having 13 years background in the parent coaching field offer to parents a variety of issues to discuss and see all the possibilities, the opportunities, the weaknesses, the threats in our daily family life and create exceptional results in our family life!

Meritorious conduct parenting workshops for small groups of ten and through 12 modules parents understand they way they react and learn how to act enjoying fulfillment by applying their own values. Register to our programs or send us email for inquiries.

Our next workshops:
• What’s your parent style?
• Setting limits and enjoy unlimited potential.
• Effective parental tips to grow successful kids.

Our next seminars:
• Building emotional intelligence.
• Be the parent you always wanted to have.

The result:
Turn the stress of raising children well into a fun and exciting adventure for the entire family.
Register today for a parent education workshop and get ready to see changes in yourself and your children.

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